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  1. John Thompson

    I called DCRA on this, as I'm a resident and board member at City Vista & we were concerned about the legality of them. I found that these are actually legal & allowed by the district as they are put up by the developer to promote the sales of the building. Once the sales have completed, they will have to come down.

  2. Brandon Green

    The Ashton Judiciary Square Building looks pretty cool.

  3. Kimberly

    @Brandon Green: cool, but expensive. 1 bedrooms starting at $3900+? And they overlook the highway!?

  4. fourthandeye

    @John – thanks for sharing. As a neighborhood resident the sales banners don't bother me. I have wondered how it affects units right next to the banners. If you're unit has the balcony next to the "Shop Here" banner do you hear it flapping around on a windy day?

  5. Anonymous

    Is the banner on the back of the Hampton Inn at 6th and K legal? It is not a sales banner but an advertising location.

  6. Anonymous

    DCRA still tells me they sent letters to all of these developers asking for signs to be removed.