2 Responses to “Carmine’s coming to Penn Quarter”


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  1. IMGoph

    after watching that, i'm definitely not interested in eating at this place. it sounds so manufactured, like a weird attempt at an pseudo-italian-themed tgifridays.

    plus, the way the guy talked about how their food is good for 3 days after you take it home! sounds like that "value" that he's adding to the food is so many preservatives that it could double as embalming fluid.


  2. fourthandeye

    An expansive space on lower 7th Street is going to necessitate a well capitalized tenant. Most likely a business that has a track record of great success elsewhere.

    My view is that this movement away from signing more Fuddrucker/Legal Seafoods/Ruby Tuesday/Clydes/Hooters type tenants to international (Wagamamma, Ping Pong Dim Sum, Buddha Bar, Nandos) and NYC stalwarts (Hill Country, Carmines) is at minimum a far more interesting and distinctive direction.