11 Responses to “DuMont still a sinking ship? **UPDATE**”


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  1. Anonymous

    Is it possible that the building sits on an unmarked stream – - possibly a waterway that was diverted when the 3rd street tunnel was built?

  2. Shaw Rez

    It's such a shame (and so bizarre/kinda creepy) to see a new building like this sit empty.

  3. si

    looks like a tributary of tiber creek used to run right under the dumont…


  4. pqresident

    by my calcs, the neighborhood is "missing" about 800 residents by having the Dumont empty.

  5. fourthandeye

    @pqresident – that depends. I had heard rumors that one possible outcome for the smaller or the two DuMont buildings is extended stay hotel.

  6. Pency87

    I'm in the Madrigal and face the DuMont. Last night (Tuesday) there appeared to be someone (I clearly saw a person) using the pool on the roof. So weird. Is the DuMont haunted? Is the flowing water coming from the indian burial ground that serves as its foundation…?

  7. Anonymous

    @Pency87: best. comment. ever.

  8. districtchatter

    I laughed and I laughed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumont is a pit of crap!

  9. tom veil

    Sigh … so sad. I'm moving out of the neighborhood in a few weeks, largely because there are no affordable condos as nice-looking as the DuMont, and yet it continues to rot mournfully. How could I pay $400k+ for the dowdy gray Madrigal, with its false second bedrooms, when this damp Prince Charming sits empty across the street, beckoning me? So low in flesh, so high in bone, oh, DuMont, I hardly new ye.

  10. Anonymous

    The water is probably being pumped into the building by the "Ledo's Pizza" owner…

  11. Anonymous

    I noticed when I walked by yesterday that the water (both out of the hose and in the lake along 4th St) now has a nice green hue to it. Looked like algae.