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  1. IMGoph

    i went by there every morning for a few weeks while on jury duty, and i noticed the trees too. i think they're the same as the trees on the second row (set back from the street trees) along the k street frontage of city vista. they look to be either sycamore or london plane trees.

  2. si

    Maybe this could make for another Casey Trees planting?

  3. Brandon Green

    Wow! Eight in a row is egregious.

  4. Anonymous

    Anyone know whether the Museum Square Apartments is going to exit the HUD affordability program when their contract with HUD expires in October 2009?

  5. Anonymous

    I thought Museum Square was supposed to do that last October but then renewed their contract. Not sure for how long though . . . was it only one year?

  6. Anonymous

    The DC preservation catalog says that the contract is going to expire this October and that the owners may not want to renew. The information about the owners intentions after 2009, however, is nearly a year old.


  7. fourthandeye

    Urban Forestry has confirmed that the trees are not diseased. They instead believe the trees did not get enough water because the concrete pavers go up to the very edge of their trunks.