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  1. washingtonydc

    I would absolutely love an Asian market in the neighborhood–the PQ market is great and all, but I'd be thrilled to have a mix of a thriving Dupont weekend market and a mini-cherry blossom street festival. It'd also help counter the prevalent thought that Chinatown is only an anachronistic name for a corporate chain-filled neighborhood.

  2. John Thompson

    Makes me wish the Northern Liberties Market was still around! :) An Asian market in Chinatown is a WONDERFUL idea! For me, it would really make it feel more like Chinatown. I hope that one day, our Chinatown will be more like Chinatown in SF, CA or in Chicago vs. Main Street USA in Disney World with Chinese Signs. Don't get me wrong, I don't want what we have to go away (DD did a wonderful job reviving a depressed Chinatown). I just hope that we can bring in a more balanced mix of high-end shopping + Chinese retailers/shopkeepers & throw in an Asian market! If the rents are too high, maybe DC could subsidize for Asian business owners so we can put China back in DC's Chinatown!

  3. si

    got to give yeni wong her props too…she brought starbucks over way back in the day:) Cant wait til she completes her mega project where the funky CVS was at 7th & H.

    yay for asian market! if we could buy kimchees downtown that would rock. i vote for night market.