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  1. Anonymous

    Excellent, excellent food! Wish they had booze, but that'll come soon enough I guess. Anyway, I can get liquored up before I go.

    My three staples of Thai food — Pad Thai, green curry chicken and panang beef — are the best I've had from the downtown Thai restaurants. Royal Thai on H street is a very close second for the green curry chicken and panang beef.

    I'm very happy to have so many Thai restaurants so close. I hope that they can all get enough business to succeed. I don't think that Kanlaya has anything to worry about; they're well established and have a much larger restaurant.

  2. pqresident

    indeed, it was yummy, affordable and they were open on July 4!

    so much Thai food…so little time.

  3. Anonymous

    Just had their Massaman Chicken – AMAZING! Kanlaya doesn't offer the Massaman, so no competition there!

    Prices are reasonable.