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  1. david

    I'd try to call one of the numbers on the summons and explain the situation. What amounted to this worked for me a few years ago, when I was summoned one year after service.

  2. Leah

    The obligation is only to serve Superior Court jury duty once every two years. If you have served within the past two years (something you can check on-line at https://www.dccourts.gov/ejuror/do/start), just indicate that to a jurors office clerk and you will be excused. The number for the Jurors Office is 879-4604.

  3. Tim

    doh. yes, i have been called every two years (by dc) each january like clockwork. i also have been called once by the federal government for grand jury as well, which is another obligation for the fine upstanding, involved citizens of our great district. that's not sarcasm, we are the most educated electorate in the u.s. IMO.