7 Responses to “Would signature Taylor facade fit in well at City Vista?”


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  1. Anonymous

    Think the signage and garage door would fit in fine. Only question if patrons want to have such an unobstructed view of the strip club like BB&P's has.

  2. Jason

    zooming in tight on the site image bay 80 now has a door that is 4/5 the width of its entire frontage. that would confirm the garage door concept.

  3. tom veil

    Not only does Taylor's facade look a lot like the typical City Vista facade, it also looks a bit like the facades of a lot of other Mt. Vernon projects, like Buddha Bar. So long as the interior is nice, it's hard to go wrong with a glass storefront.

  4. Brandon Green

    Love the facade!

  5. Bill

    I think the facade looks great, and with sandwiches that good, i dont think anyone will be complaining about the facade. does anyone know when construction will begin???

  6. John Thompson

    ABSOLUTELY love it!!!

  7. fourthandeye

    I think the garage door is distinctive and will add character and charm. It will fit in even better when the eventual art installation in front of Busboys arrives (ETA unknown). But I would suggest using a darker steel color for the garage door than the aluminum in the photo I've included.