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  1. Anonymous

    Great news!

  2. Chris 555 Mass

    OMG I'm so excited I could pee my pants!!! This is exactly what we want in our neighborhood!

  3. fourthandeye

    Totally agreed Chris! Personally I'm more excited about this than Buddha Bar and Kushi combined.

  4. Anonymous


    -Adam K
    City Vista

  5. Nesha Oates (212)

    Now can we get a mani/pedi mini spa place in the retail space as well? Restaraunts are great but how about some variety! Something like this would do really well considering the closest kind of good mani/pedi place is NOT close!

  6. fourthandeye

    The City Vista K Street spots need to be restaurants. Those retail bays have large windows, 22 foot ceilings, and plaza sidewalks that are well suited for outdoor dining. Another use would be wasteful of the attributes of those K Street spaces. Perhaps Bay 50 on 5th Street would one day make a good spa place when the City Vista Sales center moves out.

    Beyond City Vista there are other MVT retail vacancies nearby that might make sense for a spa 924 5th Street, Mass Court, or 455 Mass.

  7. Anonymous

    What's the timeline on this?

  8. Five K

    Great news!! Any idea on projected opening dates for Kushi or Taylor Gourmet Deli?

    I believe that Busboy's patio seating is situated within the boundary of the K building so it doesn't require special permits. Any idea what it will take to get patio seating for the other restaurants on K?

  9. Anonymous

    Sounds great

  10. PoP

    Taylor is looking to open in the October timeframe.

  11. Anonymous

    The linked-to PoP post mentions a timing around October

  12. pqresident

    that's positive news…critical retail mass forming?!?!

  13. fourthandeye

    I just emailed owner Casey Patten and he stated that he'd prefer not to say when the expected opening date would be. Probably a smart move on Patten's part to keep things close to the vest. But PoP knows all the dirt!

    Anyway, it's important to remember that ETA's before permitting and contractors, etc are under way have an easy way of sliding. I'm just glad they're coming…

  14. Anonymous

    Awesome! Now if we can only get a bar with decent beer and prices, we'll be all set.

  15. R&A

    A few weeks ago I saw a guy sitting on the floor of bay 80 with a huge set of blue prints. I'm not sure if it is in any way related to this announcement. In any case, their impending arrival is great news, for sure. Welcome to the neighborhood!!

  16. washingtonydc

    Taylor has some of the best grinders in the city…couldn't be happier to have them so close now!

  17. fourthandeye

    Found the following in the City Paper:

    In the end, Mount Vernon (Triangle) won out because the owners thought they could attract the workday traffic of downtown and the evening traffic of locals, all while paying a cheaper prices than nearby Chinatown offered.

    “You’re not going to pay 7th and H lease prices,” says Patten. “You can still do a lot of the same things—serving that office density, doing catering…It’s daytime and night-time population.”

    Patten says he first met representatives from retail developer Edens & Avant back in late December. They came to his deli to, you know, eat some hoagies. (”They’re both northerners—they kind of understand good meats and cheeses,” Patten says.)

  18. si

    omg this just made my morning!!!