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  1. Anonymous

    Muse's website is actually


  2. Cozmot

    This is a good recap of the meeting covering Muse. The dismissive attitude of Muse's attorney, Dimitri Mallios, certainly didn't help their cause. In fact, I think it ensures that they will get a formal protest. It sure convinced me. (As an aside, it's ironic that on the Mallios and O'Brien website that Mallios is touted as the "dean of Alcoholic Beverage Control attorneys in the District of Columbia." Well, maybe so, but a bad dean in a bad school. I wouldn't send my kids there.)

    The purported benefits of extending their hours by an hour-and-a-half is that it would allow a "smoother closing" by shutting down a floor at a time.

    First, as this story already detailed, Muse would not be obligated or legally bound to do this. They could just use the extended hours to sell more of their expensive Red Bull. So, this "benefit" is illusory at best.

    Moreover, if Muse wants to do this as an altruistic gesture as they claim (with straight faces at that), they could and should test the concept within their existing hours. But they won't, because when they first opened they claimed they were going to do this anyway. Didn't happen then, won't happen now.

    The fact is, staging the close down of floors would not solve noise problems from bar patrons. Three or four people can make a lot of noise, particularly when buzzed or drunk. It doesn't take a village to disturb apartment residents nearby.

    Muse had little credibility with its neighbors before this meeting. They have violated their voluntary agreement regarding noise and use of their roof deck. Now they have destroyed what little they had left by applying for this extension of hours without bothering to discuss it with their neighbors first, and by taking Dimitri Mallios to the meeting.


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