3 Responses to “New D.C. Grocer Hype”


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  1. Anonymous

    Harris Teeter rocks!

  2. Anonymous

    I agree – can’t wait for the Harris Teeter to open in NOMA – until then , until then I’ll continue driving to Pentagon City to go to HT instead of the Giant or Safeway. The Safeway in DC won’t be any different in terms of attitude than the other ones in the city or surburbs … so why put up with it?

  3. si

    back in the day the developers made a big deal of promising an “urban lifestyle” safeway. still not sure what that means but i’ve had a general sense it would land somewhere between a regular safeway & whole foods. somewhere you could buy arugula AND orange soda. we shall see…
    In the meantime i think i’ll check out Teets!