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  1. Anonymous

    This sounds pretty awful. Why can't we get a simple bar in the area?

  2. Anonymous

    What are his plans for outdoor space? The sidewalk is huge- does he want outdoor seating? What about the inevitable smokers who will go outside for a cigarette?

    I live in the Sonata. The alley now is tight- I can't imagine adding a club with food/alchohol deliveries. He has to have a plan for this.

    I love development and improving the neighborhood. But this seems a bit "big" for a "small" space.

    Live music until 3a.m. then 200 drunks outside hailing cabs…ugh.

  3. fourthandeye

    His building has no roof deck or private patio. We can ask him at the meeting about his plans for the fire escape in the front of the building.

    Whether or not he may want sidewalk seating does not have to be addressed at this time. There is a separate permitting process for sidewalk seating. I doubt he would even apply for such a permit until after his establishment has been opened. If he ever does we will have a say on whether we support it and, if so, what the acceptable hours would be.

  4. tom veil

    Maybe it's a gimmick, but I really like the idea of this guy living above the club. I'm sure that he will not always agree with some of us about how to make this neighborhood nice, but at least he's conceding that this SHOULD be a nice neighborhood to live in.

  5. dcPYro

    I can assure you that living on the top floor of my establishment is not a gimmick. I have been looking for a new home for the past year and recently came to the realization that I could and should just live where I work.

  6. Schmim

    Definitely looks interesting enough. I think that the devil will always be in the details and execution.

    Not my style at all, so I'll have a hard time thinking of it as a neighborhood hangout (always thought of a pub as more of a homey place to hang).

    My hope is that it fills the need to be a balance between attracting outside traffic and a place that people on the block can stop by without too much pretention (as a lot of similar clubs and clientele tend to)

  7. ShawCommenter

    I think it looks pretty cool. I am a big fan of Mediterranean food and would welcome a place that is a bit more relaxed and has live music (especially after the departure of HR57 to NE). I just hope that it is more laid back and not too much of a “club” atmosphere.

    PS I vote for outside seating!