4 Responses to “WBJ: CityVista signs new sushi eatery from Ridgewells chef”


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  1. Anonymous

    Sushi at City Vista and then at Buddha Bar in a new office building at 455 Massachusetts Ave. NW, just two block blocks and a few more from Chinatown-City Vista get really can’t you get anything better

  2. Five K

    I’m excited about Kushi coming to City Vista but it’s a valid point that they’re going to be competing with Buddha Bar for business.

  3. Nick

    Other than both having some sushi on the menu, I don’t think these restaurants will be anything alike.

    If you look at Buddha Bar’s NYC menu (http://www.menupages.com/restaurants/buddha-bar/), it hardly has any sushi, mainly entrees like roasted chicken breast, sea bass, and filet mignon. Sounds like Kushi will mainly be authentic Japanese.

    Plus, the atmosphere will be very different. Buddha Bar will likely be a dressy, ultra-trendy weekend nightspot whereas Kushi will be more of a casual restaurant.

  4. fourthandeye

    I agree with Nick on Buddha Bar vs Kushi.