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  1. Lady M

    It was really cool visiting each of the condos. A great opportunity to “steal” decorating tips. :-)

    And man…did Madrigal raise the bar or what?! Great food, drink and music. As my good friend’s grandmother from New York would say “Verry claaazzy!”

  2. Five K

    Was the MVT Condo Tour a success? From my vantage point over the Vista Green I didn’t see a lot of people attending the reception, but maybe that’s not an indication of how many people did the tour…

  3. fourthandeye

    I think the tour did reasonably well. A total of 120 took the tour (sold and comp tickets).

    Unfortunately the reception at the City Vista Green was a dud. What my group encountered was that the security desk for The V at City Vista was MIA and not buzzing guests through the door. I knew that we could go back to the K to enter the green – but the average tour participant may not have known that and just given up…

  4. beanssoup

    I moved in just about a month ago and loving it. I gotta admit, I walked down to the lobby and saw the quartet, it was a little awkward at first, but it was a unique way to receive guests into the building and GO TERPS!

  5. dana

    We recently bought in Madrigal. These people both the sales company and developer are awful. While the units are nice, be careful! Don’t let them rush you. Make sure what ever they agreed to fix is iron clad and make sure you stalk them to get these items done. Can’t say much more right now.

  6. this is how it works in most every new building. you have to lean on the developer to get that punch list done.