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  1. washingtonydc

    This is fantastic news–I love seeing this block thrive in spite of the economy. It bodes well for the future. Not too many empty bays left…

  2. Nick

    Awesome news! Sounds like a great choice.

    Any word on a target opening date?

  3. Steven

    I was really excited when I saw this. I’m hoping for cool kotatsu dining rooms!

  4. Five K

    4,000 square feet… that must be at least 2 bays?

  5. Anonymous

    Congratulations to you (Darren & Peter) from a former Ridgewells co-worker and now current Restaurant Association membership & training director. Jenny

  6. Chris 555 Mass

    OMG I am so exicted! This is exactly what we need!

  7. Brandon

    Great news–I love Japanese food!

  8. Anonymous

    I prototyped their restaurant concept for over a year … After 14 months of holding their hands, helping them dodge bullets, & leading them to the water, their budget was way short & Darren gave my studio an unexpected dirty screw. Will be interesting to see what they can pull off. They lack experience & class.

  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous (above) said…

    …"Will be interesting to see what they can pull off. They lack experience & class."

    waah, waah! sounds like whoever you are, you're airing your dirty laundry (and an immature attitude). hope you're not a professional!

    looking forward to a the new restaurant!