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  1. Anonymous

    Ugh! Not this CRAP again! Why can’t something be done about this? Just what I need… a week without a single night of good sleep!

  2. massysett

    I read the comments in the link. I’ve worked in this neighborhood for over five years now and have lived here for over a year, and I always look forward to Police Week and haven’t noticed some epidemic of rudeness or loudness. There are often drunks, public urinaters, and loud people in the city, and it is always loud in this area with sirens day and night. I’ve just never noticed that it is any worse during Police Week. If I wanted someplace quiet I could move to Fairfax or some other boring suburb.

  3. Krista

    Personally I find public urination more unacceptable from a uniformed officer than a homeless person. I also am more intimidated when a police officer exhibits drunken anti-social behavior than a frat boy. So yes, I hate cop week and can’t wait for it to be over. City living is fine by me the other 51 weeks of the year.

  4. PQS

    Massysett: You should have been here during police week in 2007. You would have a different perspective. It was a week-long drunken block party. Last year was better but you still have exceptionally loud music going until 11pm – 12am (in 2007 it was until 2-3am). This isn’t about city living – this is 10 times worse than typical city living. Thankfully the police chief was so embarrassed about 2007 that she cracked down last year. Hopefully that will continue to this year.

  5. Chinatown Resident

    Police week ’07 was particularly bad, but I didn’t think ’08 was much of an improvement. I witnessed an excessive amount of public intoxication and a very disturbing incident involving four police officers harassing a homeless man. I’m all for a good time but with police, even when off-duty, but I would expect something a bit closer to model behavior. And the “city living” argument is not an excuse for inappropriateness. They are still professionals and adults, are they not?

  6. Brendan Fevola

    It’s really disappointing when people in positions of responsibility in the public eye regress to such behaviour, especially public urination.