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  1. Shipsa01

    Will these triangles consist of grass and trees, etc or just concrete sidewalks?

  2. fourthandeye

    As I mentioned in the posting last week, I’m unsure of the long range plans. In the short term the changes may only be striped paint and a bollard. In the long term it could be pavement or landscaping – I don’t know.

    I’ve heard that new DDOT director Gabe Klein, who comes from an entrepreneurial background, believes in making small improvements more quickly rather and collecting resident feedback than waiting years to make permanent improvements while studies are conducted and funds are raised. This may be a case of that as paint is one thing DDOT can always afford.

  3. Jad

    Good to see our DOT taking the approach of Janette Sadik-Khan and NYC's DOT – it's a simple matter to use bollards, paint and/or jersey barriers to evaluate how a change affects flow. And it's quicker & more conclusive than a study.

    I wonder if extending the NW triangle all the way back to 555 Mass might be possible (i.e., closing that small section of I St entirely).

  4. Thomas (400 Mass)

    The transportation study recommends that I Street terminate at the 5th Street “dogleg” in front of 555 Mass, but it is only a plan. I have not seen any contstruction documents.

    See http://ddot.dc.gov/ddot/frames.asp?doc=/ddot/lib/ddot/mtvernonsq/docs/mtvernonsq_finalreport.pdf

    DDOT should make Massachusetts Ave. as pedestrian friendly as possbile. Pedestrians should be able to walk the Avenue without having to detour, sometimes for blocks such as at the huge Third Street, Fourth Street, H Street, Mass Ave. “intersection.” Massachusetts Avenue could be an inviting promenade rather than an obstacle course.