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  1. Jacque

    So, while I’m sure these homes are nice, I don’t quite understand who they expect to pay the $15 for seeing them. It seems like if you just go to a realtor, you can get more or less the same thing but for free. Is there some constituency I’m missing here?

  2. Anonymous

    The Logan Circle House Tour charges $15, the Kalorama House Tour charges $25 and the Georgetown House Tour charges $45. These condos are privately owned, so they are not open to the general public except for this tour.

  3. pqresident

    if I’m not mistaken, the money from the home tour goes to the benefitting charity which in this case is Strive DC and for incidentals like printing out guides/flyers and tickets for the tour. I don’t think anyone’s getting rich on these.

    I’d also assume that you’ll see nicely and uniquely decorated condos and not empty ones that a realtor might show you, deocorated developers’ models aside (those developer models tend to all have the same decorations in them anyway).

    I think it’s a great idea and hope to go.