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  1. pqresident

    great time travel effect with the photos for this story. I had a good chuckle because the oldest photo links to the Library of Congress archive of the 1906 copy of The Washington Times. what was one of the articles in the Times on that same page as the photo?

    Is Apartment House Building Overdone? Evidently Successful Builders Are of Opinion That There Is Still Room for more, and Continue to Build Them.

    Even in 1906 they were wondering if a bubble was forming. Ha!

    (on the same page houses are listed for sale in Bloomingdale for $4500. what a hoot.)

  2. Scenic Artisan

    that looks to be a fantastic restoration.

  3. fourthandeye

    I agree the restoration looks very good. It’s great that Gould released the funds to the church so early. I wish Wilkes/QDC would take a cue from Gould and contribute some funds for the planned improvements to public space sooner rather than later – namely I’m thinking Church Square…

  4. Adam City Vista

    I love the vista now that you see from the north side of Mass Ave, with the Chinese Church and the 6th and I Historic Synagogue. Fantastic for the neighborhood.

  5. Anonymous

    Glad to see the pictures and how this was accomplished. The renovations look great and make a huge difference on that corner!

  6. alic3

    looks great that restoration !