8 Responses to “Public meeting regarding issues at park at 2nd & Mass”


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  1. I noticed that the City Paper has an article in this week’s print edition which calls it “Cobb Park.” It’s time to do some serious research and get to the bottom of this. I’d put money on it being a Google error that has gone into common use because no one knows any better.

  2. Local

    The homeless leave a tremendous amount of trash in our neighborhood. The homeless shelters should be making payments to the Business Improvement District to cover the clean up costs. It’s not fair that home owners and businesses get stuck paying for this.

  3. glad to see the community rallying.

  4. Question

    So has anyone from the city government confirmed attendance at the event?

  5. FourthandEye

    @Question – I didn’t pay very close attention to those who replied to the email invite. But I think Charles Allen from Tommy Wells office, a rep each from DPR, DHS and DGS all confirmed attendance publicly.

  6. FourthandEye

    @IMGoph – I welcome seeing the park have a name like Cobbs Park than “DPR Park 1089″. I just doubt the source in this case. Seems like a Google label going viral.

  7. Erin

    I called Tommy Wells office and was told someone from his office would be there!

  8. Mvter

    Can anyone who was at this meeting provide sme information for those of us who couldn’t attend?