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  1. pqresident

    this along with poorly sealed up road cuts after laying cable or pipe is one of my pet peeves. whether it’s the city or a contractor doing the work, the place should be left the way they found it (assuming they’re not coming back in the next few days to finish off the job).

  2. Anonymous

    They actually did this damage this past weekend. They can’t seem to figure out their repair and are damaging the streetscape outside 555 more and more and more. Shame on them.

  3. John Thompson

    This is absolutely unacceptable and I hope the 555 residents & condo association plan to bring this to the attention of not only WASA, but also to Tommy Wells. The supervisor (or whoever is in charge of this "project") should be written up & action should be taken against WASA for damage, negligence & pure overwhelming stupidity. We finally start to get nice things in the 'hood & morons tear it up. Hello? Proper thing to do – remove them & store them BEFORE you do the work. Idiots.