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  1. Anonymous

    Are schools are fallin apart and you want money for pretty sidewalks?

  2. fourthandeye

    @Anon 10:22 – if you read carefully this ARRA stimulus funding is allocated to FHWA projects. It is strictly to fund highways, roads and streetscape improvements. It can’t be directed to other areas unrelated to transportation…

  3. si

    i would also venture that the major malfunction with our schools is NOT money. we have the most expensive school system in the country.

  4. Justin from ReadysetDC


    In addition to education, open space is very high on the “quality of life” list. Those with and without children will enjoy this space, and it will become a world class amenity that will persuade future residents to choose to live here.

  5. Anonymous

    I agree with Si and Justin above; the problem with DC schools is not lack of money. While there are also many dedicated parents and good teachers, the problem is, by-in-large, the number of bad parents and the paucity of teachers motivated to (or able to) teach. The per capita expenditures dedicated to public and charter schools is much higher in DC than almost any other jurisdiction. Hopefully by improving the neighborhood, more responsible parents and teachers will be attracted to live in the area; attracting better parents and teachers will do more to improve the schools than dumping more money at the problem.

  6. Matthew Yglesias

    It’s not actually the most expensive school system in the country, but it is fairly generously funded as is.

    But beyond that, ARRA has separate funding streams for education and transportation projects. Congress has pegged this money for roads and highways, so it needs to be used for roads and highways.

  7. цarьchitect

    I appreciate the mention. But I thought I’d let you know that I’ve updated it with Maryland projects, as well as the MV Triangle streetscape program and some other newly-certified DC projects.