All Things Considered… We’ll Miss NPR

It finally happened… after close to two decades in the neighborhood, NPR is moving on a newer, shinier (and bigger) headquarter in nearby NoMa. Moving vans were spotted throughout the week at both NPR’s old and new headquarters. This is it. NPR is leaving us behind…

New NPR headquarters at 1111 N Capitol Street

The move was announced back in 2008 and it took just a little over 3 years to complete the new 1111 North Capitol Street NE building. NPR had been a part of the Mount Vernon Triangle landscape since 1994, long before new condos and apartment buildings turned our neighborhood into an attractive investment destination. As the media organization’s popularity (and audience) grew, so did it staff, eventually outgrowing their 635 Massachusetts Avenue NW HQ. With staff spread out in 3 different building, NPR set out to find a new home that could accommodate all 767 of its employees as well as visitors. If you’re curious to check it out, public tours are expected to resume in June.

Old NPR site at 635 Mass to be razed and redeveloped

So what will happen to NPR’s Mount Vernon Triangle HQ? Well, it won’t be here for much longer. Demolition is expected to begin in April so that Boston Properties can make way for a brand new 11 story building. Yeah, more construction! I’m kind of being sarcastic here… construction is obviously a good thing for our little Triangle… but man is there a LOT of it going on right now ;-) The law firm Arnold & Porter LLP will occupy most of the space in that new building, though there will also be some 20,000 square feet of retail space available on the street level. Architecturally the new building may be similar to 901 New York Avenue, another recent Boston Properties development, across Mount Vernon Square from this site. What kind of business would you like to see settle into NPR’s old spot? Restaurants? Shops?

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    John Thompson says

    The neighborhood is starving for shops/retail! Please, please bring us some shopping!