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  1. Anonymous

    I just put in 555 Mass. It got a 100 walk store but… for restaurant it listed Louis Rogue (the corner full frontal nudity strip club instead of BB&P), movie theater was Goethe Institute instead of Regal or E Street, school was Goethe Institute, park was Brentwood Yard (huh?), library was GAO (how about MLK?), bookstore is Denmark Publications (where is that???), hardware was Monarch Paint instead of Ace, but coffee shop was BB&P. I agree we rank 100 but their definitions need to be greatly refined.

  2. fourthandeye

    Brentwood Yard is apparently the name of the little Triangle park with the huge Oak Tree across from Safeway’s main entrance.

    As for some of the other items… you are technically closer to Louis Rogue than Busboys and Monarch rather than Ace, etc.. Walkscore is just using the classifications for businesses found on Google Maps. It doesn’t account for whether Busboys has broader appeal than Louis Rogues.

  3. Anonymous

    Does the Rogue serve food????

  4. Brandon

    I hadn’t seen Walk Score before–looks cool, thanks for sharing!