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  1. Rob Amos

    Whenever my two guys need a break from being around me all the time, I take them to DogsByDay on 14th Street for a doggie day care session. They love the place and all their buddies there – plus the ability to run free in the facility with their buddies. No matter if it’s for a few hours or overnight, then always come back tired and which gives their Dad a break. Pet-friendly GreenPets is right next door as well which allows you to bring your pet in with you (or your pet with you in tow)

  2. Madrigal Blogs

    I don’t have a dog of my own, but I know that several people in the Madrigal Lofts do–mostly of the midsize varieties. They’re all remarkably well behaved and very cute, at least all that I’ve seen.

    I also frequently see people walking their dogs on 4th St by the Building Museum. There are a number of little grassy areas around there, so even if it isn’t a big park it’s a lot of time the dogs can spend on real ground.

    –MLB [yep, I still exist!]