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  1. fourthandeye

    Found this on the RECOVERY.DC.GOV:

    Mt. Vernon Triangle: Streetscape 4th Street, NW from L Street to New Jersey Avenue
    Project Type: Road – Streetscape
    Project State(s): District of Columbia
    Federal Funding Requested: $3-6M
    Readiness: Construction to begin June 2009
    The Mount Vernon Triangle area is experiencing significant development with proposed projects on several major sites. The large number of new residences and businesses will affect pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle conditions. This project will implement transportation and streetscape improvements to include sidewalk, curb and gutter, mill and overlay of street, new streetlights, traffic signals, safety improvements, infrastructure and utility coordination and
    upgrades, landscaping, etc.

  2. tom veil

    It’s a shame that they’re doing all this work and ignoring the biggest problem — the lack of a traffic circle on Mass between 3rd and 4th encourages speeding interstate drivers to use the route as a shortcut and discourages local drivers and pedestrians from crossing Mass and visiting both the Triangle and Judiciary neighborhoods.