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  1. SG

    No one is ever really there. Seems like it’ll go under, unfortunately…

  2. Sam

    I have to agree with SG. I went twice when it first opened and although I said I would be back for wine I have not gone back since. They really need a bigger menu. Does anyone know why they didnt install a stove? Did the building not allow it?

  3. FourthandEye

    From what I’ve heard the retail space does not have sufficient venting for a full blown commercial kitchen.

    I’ve seen them busy occasionally including a recent Thursday night. But daytime and evenings in the early week not so much…

  4. E

    I refuse to patronize this place for one relatively trivial reason (yes I admit it)…I live in the building where tel veh resides and for months I tolerated extremely annoying construction noise from the build out of this restaurant. Often times the noise was at times that were probably not approved for construction. I don’t know why but I half way expected this establishment to reach out to residents in the building with some sort of special, first-time offer for a meal or drinks, both as a marketing blitz and as a sort of “sorry for all the noise…here’s a free drink for you.” but we got zilch. How neighborly is that? Tel veh gets none of my money!