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  1. Anonymous

    I usually find that decades old construction has much better noise proofing than a lot of the new construction. Why? They used actual plaster instead of dry wall to form thick barrier walls. One of my beefs is sound insulation and I’m happy that my PQ condo neighbors don’t play the stereo loud or make love too often because I can hear it when the soap drops in the bathroom next door. If you’re buying new, ask about the walls, the composition, the interior framing and the insulation used. Some noise is unavoidable in the city but don’t make the assumption that you won’t be able to hear your nieghbors just because you bought a “new” unit.

  2. fourthandeye

    That’s a worthwhile point about drywall vs plaster. Although with regards to this topic I was considering the barrier to the exterior rather than the interior. The windows of today are generally superior in terms of energy efficiency and sound to that of old single pain glass.

  3. Anonymous

    good point on the windows. new windows are typically more sound proof than old windows.

  4. fourthandeye

    According to an article in the post today, the Peebles bid for 5th and Eye calls for a chic hotel, restaurant, coffee shop and a subterranean nightclub.

    Also in the article it mentions that Peebles is in the plans to build the country’s first 6-star hotel in Las Vegas.