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  1. M

    It looks nice and it will be great to have a place open early for breakfast. Does anyone know what is happening at the former ‘Fun Fair’ location (on 5th Street between I and K Streets)? There are windows and a door now – it would be great to have some life on that block.

  2. TheJCG

    For some reason it appears they aren’t open yet. I saw a few guys on ladders on Wednesday night around 7pm still working inside.

  3. FourthandEye

    It seems 9 times out of 10 new restaurants don’t open on the day they say they would. Which is why I don’t usually aggressively seek out estimate opening dates to pass along to all of you.

    But for what its worth, the latest update I got on Wednesday afternoon was that they would open for breakfast on Thursday. But even that may be subject to change…