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  1. Tony

    So, this groundbreaking will be concurrent with the streetscaping?

  2. FourthandEye

    yeah, development and streetscape can happen concurrently. DDOT will do the roads in front of the development and the developer’s of these projects with near term groundbreakings will have to do their sidewalk segments themselves.

  3. Dan Maceda

    Chairman Brown asked about the 5th & Eye project at the hearing today. The Deputy Mayor said they are moving forward with Donohoe on the project to build the hotel as a matter of right and he expects it to come to the Council soon and that the project will start in early 2013, Let/s hope so.

  4. Jane

    Hey, I’m loving this blog so far. As a new resident, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for neighborhood listservs to get on? It’s hard to get all your hyper-local news in one place but it seems like hearing directly from neighbors is a good start.


  5. Si Kailian

    MVSNA has a yahoo group and a facebook page. and a public blog too.

    hooray for more retail space! and new neighbors :)

  6. Dub

    Are they breaking ground on either of the projects any time soon?

  7. JP

    They started on May 29th. One less parking lot..8 to go.