9 Responses to “Walgreens at 7th & H to go Upscale”


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  1. Scott

    I thought a representative from Douglas Development said that a Duane Reade was going in to this location?

  2. nelliebly

    Whoa, this sounds amazing! Looking fwd to it. CVS will seriously need to up its game.

  3. JB

    Looking at the rendering of the building in your link for the earlier post, it does not appear this development will include the empty lot on H st between this development and the building housing Vapiano. Any word on what will become of that lot?

  4. FourthandEye

    @JB – Douglas does not own the empty lot next to Vapiano. I believe it was said Monument Realty does and while Douglas and Monument at one point explored a joint venture that eroded. Therefore the lot is not within the scope of this development.

  5. Tony

    This is very kewl!

  6. Tony

    I hadn’t watched the video before my last post. I just did and this concept reminds me of the Woolworths brand in Sydney and some of the Duane Reade stores in NYC. The additional grocery option will be welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  7. cozmot

    The bad news is that Walgreens will have no special security, and it’s still located next to a bus stop. Remember the “upscale” Safeway at City Vista? Look what it’s become today. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for an upscale Walgreens in the long term.

  8. Ben

    “Remember the “upscale” Safeway at City Vista? Look what it’s become today.”

    …an urban grocery store? Not sure I follow your comment.

  9. cozmot

    Well, let me help you, Ben.

    Well stocked with fresh goods. Friendly, helpful cashiers and staff. Plenty of cashiers. A customer service counter with customer service.

    fyi, it began as an urban grocery store, so did not transform into one. There are plenty of urban grocery stores in the city that remove expired foods promptly (poultry, meats, frozen and canned goods, etc.), keep items in stock, have plenty of cashiers, and actually assist you when you request customer service.

    Go to Harris Teeter and compare same. Hope this helps.