6 Responses to “Chinatown Park Improvements Begin”


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  1. will

    Is there any way to prevent the homeless and transexuals/ prostitutes from living there when the temperature goes above 50 degrees?

  2. Tom at Mass

    Unfortunately, the final plan is nothing like the rendering. They are making minimal improvements. No changes to the curb lines – it will still favor racing cars. And nothing is in place to prevent the reappearance of the social trail that bisects the site. All in all, a very poor showing for the Downtown BID and NPS. Download at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/document.cfm?parkID=427&projectID=39667&documentID=44322

    It is a waste of money if this is all they plan to do.

  3. Tony

    It would be cool if some of our neighborhood parks had some nice public art displayed in them like this one in Petworth — Scroll down to 2nd pic @ link.


    Are NPS parks even allowed to display public art? Probably not to everyone’s taste, but it would be nicer than what we have to enjoy now in our neighborhood parks.

  4. E

    I would have liked to see this park become a dog park similar to the one over in Dupont Circle where New Hampshire, 17th and S. st NW come together. It was already half way set up that way, with benches around the outside and open space in the middle where dogs could play and exercise without leash. The triangle needs a dog park.

  5. Beth

    Concur on the dog park. This area desperately needs a dog park! This spot is perfect, in between so many high-rise apartments, noise would not be an issue.

  6. Sarah

    Would really like to have seen this place become a playspace for all the kids around here. Is there anything being done about the lack of playgrounds?