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  1. great write up! the infamous cutout building on the other side of the street is the last one that needs to be renovated on that block

  2. and I’d add, a much more thorough write up than the other websites/blogs.

  3. sneak peek, not peak ;)

  4. PaulfromNoVa

    Pity they couldn’t restore the original arched bay doors, which the 2nd floor roundhead windows carried up and through. A nice old Cluss building.

  5. Paul: Wow, nice find!

  6. FourthandEye

    The ownership group did originally have larger ambitions to restore firehouse elements. I can’t speak specifically to the doors, but Sixth Engine inititally wanted to reinstall the fireman’s pole. Unfortunately the project was scaled down from 8000SF to 3900SF when the objective to merge with the adjacent retail space in 400 Mass fell through. Space became a premium and couldn’t be sacrificed to still achieve sufficient seating.

  7. that Cluss guy’s stuff is *everywhere*…;)