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  1. M Street

    This sounds great…except for the operating hours. I’m considering switching from the gym at my office to this one, but I’m not sure I could get a solid workout in before 7pm.

    Has anyone heard what their rates are? I sent an e-mail inquiry bu haven’t heard back.

  2. FourthandEye

    @M Street – Those are the Sales center hours, not the operating hours.

    Hours of Operation will be 5am – 11pm (Mon – Fri) & 7am-9pm (Sat – Sun)

  3. lots going on in The Triangle! love it!

  4. M Street

    Thanks, FourthandEye – that makes a lot more sense!

  5. Duh

    Seriously, who would really think they’d only be open 10-7 weekdays and 10-3 Sat and Sun?!?!?!

  6. Chris555Mass

    Worked out there last night instead of my ususal Verizon Center location. In general I think they have made some great improvements in the floor layout and grouping of equipment. I think the lighting is pretty, but far too dim. How do you open a gym in the darkest part of the year when people are suffering Seasonal Affective Disorder that doens’t have bright, inviting lighting? The lighting at Verizon Center Vida is really bright and cheerful – why so dim at City Vista? I hope they are adding some more light so it doesn’t seem like a swanky lounge instead of a gym. I’m also interested in seeing what they do with the old hot tub area. Can it really take them until 2013 to get the spa area done as the signage says? I would love a hot tub, but it has to be something where the water actually gets hot and there are a large number of powerful jets if people are actually going to use it. I had such high hopes for the Results hot tub but it turned out to be so uninspiring – lukewarm water, insufficient jets. I’m also anxious to see if they can make the men’s locker room steam room work. It seems it was such a poor design they might be smarter to rip it out and start over. And WHY did they varnish the wood in the men’s room sauna? I have NEVER seen varnished wood in a sauna and all you smell is varnish when you are in there. Weird. Other than that, a lot of “opening week” quirks like no fingerprint scan check in, no bags for sweaty workout clothes in the locker room, and ongoing construction. A promising start, but come through for us Vida and make this gym work!

  7. CVKRez

    As a CityVista resident who has been waiting more than one year for the gym space to reopen, Vida’s arrival to MVT is very good news. It’s definitely got a sexy, dark, lounge vibe compared to the Results that preceded it, but I’m okay with that. I’ve heard others say that it’s too dark, however.

    I too find the pace of renovations a little slow (phase 2 mid-2012, Aura Spa 2013), but I’m not entirely surprised. Metro Weekly did a profile of the owner, David von Storch and he appears to be a practitioner of fiscal restraint. Probably next to nothing is financed, and he doesn’t want to invest too far ahead of the neighborhood’s density curve. There are A LOT of residential units coming online in the immediate vicinity, mostly rentals, but they’re not there yet. That’s what got Results in trouble.

    I’m bummed that the former hot tub is going to be used for the Aura spa and not a more useful (but not income generating, I get it) infinity lap pool. I like doing laps in CityVista’s rooftop pool during the summer and it would be great to be able to continue that exercise routine all through the winter.

    Nevertheless, welcome Vida!

  8. Mike

    I got confirmation from management over the weekend that they are not done installing lights at CV Vida. The plans sound like it will still give it a good sexy vibe but brighten it up a lot. Looking forward to continuing to see the space come together.

  9. K

    I have also been waiting for this for a very long time! I go to Vida on U Street and Verizon, so this is a fabulous addition to the area and building!

    I went there on Saturday morning, and it was very quiet. It is starting to feel like a Vida. The wall around the cardio equipment was a great touch! It will continue to as they keep working on it, but still needs the last few touches.

    Small things like the wonderful water bottle water fountain and a few types of cardio equipment that the U Street location has…and stretching equipment. To get to the abs/stretching section (which is unclear and not marked), you have to walk all the way across the gym and it is missing a lot of the great items that are at U Street (foam rollers, resistance bands, bosu balls) unless I was in the wrong section.

    I really hope this stays and continues to take on the Vida feel! My guess is that it will end up like the Renaissance, a smaller Vida gym but one that is hopefully busy–but not too too busy :)

  10. Im one of the scheduled cycling instructors for tues/thurs night and I cannot wait to bring it to City Vista!!!