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  1. Anonymous

    It has not been occupied in at least three years since I have lived in the area. And why would the “owner” be allowed to simply dump and leave the stuff on the sidewalk?

    In terms of use, how about a good, inexpensive nail salon. We totally need one for the women in the area.

  2. fourthandeye

    I’m not sure why the owner is allowed to dump junk out on the sidewalk. Especially in this case where the previous tenant shuttered doors 3 years ago and it’s obvious they won’t return to claim their goods…

    I know I’ve objected to hair/nail salon uses at City Vista before. That’s mostly because the City Vista space along K Street with it’s 22 foot ceilings, large glass windows and wide sidewalks was intended for restaurants. That would be like settling for a single when you can hit a home run. However for a property like this 924 5th Street location I think those uses are completely appropriate.