11 Responses to “Capital Business reports on retail coming to 7th & H”


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  1. BC

    Nothing says Chinatown like a Walgreens or Panera! But as long as they spell their names with Chinese characters its all good…

  2. the real question…will the Walgreens be 24 hours for those late night beef jerky runs?

  3. KP

    I think we can all agree that this area has moved past resembling anything like a real Chinatown and is now just a name that is being preserved by requiring businesses add Chinese characters. With that said, I am curious to see the impact this will have on Corner Bakery, but I for one am a bigger fan of Panera than Corner Bakery. All in all, I am happy for more businesses and a new sushi place is welcome. When are we going to get good cheap real indian food (and I do not count mehak or merzi as real indian).

  4. AG

    I hope this will force CVS to step it up…. but doubtful… alas

  5. While Panera is not the most inspired, it provides one more space for potentially meeting up with friends and lingering over a coffee. The more gathering spaces in the neighborhood, the better, IMO.

    Though to be honest, my expectations grew lower with each passing year, so it’s not hard to be satisfied that it will eventually no longer be vacant.

  6. FP

    i’m actually looking forward to the panera. i’ve only peeked into the corner bakery and its always empty and doesn’t seem too inviting.

    i also don’t think the walgreens will be terribly useful for residents, since there is a fairly large CVS close by.

    not so sure if sushi on a conveyor belt will fly in DC, but lets see.

  7. AG

    FP – While I agree with your sentiment regarding the large CVS, so many of us are SICK of the complete lack of attention management has given the store. Thus, I am sure a large chunk of us will be willing to walk a little bit more to a nicer store (as long as it stays that way).

    Hopefully, this will push CVS to work on keeping the 4th and H store in better shape and better staffed.

  8. a few blocks over

    I agree that with the massive sidewalk traffic on this corner I was hoping for something a little more exciting.

    The Corner Bakery is delish so the Panera seems somewhat duplicative. The sushi on conveyer concept can be found 1 block over inside Gallery place so again duplicative. The Walgreens is fine I suppose as it is handy for tourists and residents that have random errands; however, seems again to be nothing exciting.

    At least these three items will be better than a huge decaying building so glad they finally got the project moving along.

  9. There used to be a CVS on that corner back in 2003-5 or so, and it always did a brisk business just based on the 7th Street foot traffic. I don’t think they really need to attract much in the way of customers from the residential areas east of 7th street. Big worry should be for the movie theater, people will buy snacks and sneak them in.

  10. FourthandEye

    At one point after Douglas Development seized control of the property there was talk of an Apple Store for this corner. While Apple may or may not be overrated I think it’s unequivocally would have raised the profile of the block more than Panera.

    Anyway, I can live with these choices. In general no sense obsessing about things you can’t control. But it will be harder to fight back the disappointment if City Center delivers a glut of these types of tenants.

  11. Speaking of H St. what’s up with this post that I read?


    Anybody have more word on this? I’m curious to know what this means for the neighborhood.

    I found another recent post on it.