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  1. anon

    I tip my concierge about $200 (she is great and does a lot for us), the maintanence guy about $100, my housekeeper gets double-paid for one visit, my dog-sitter will get an extra $50, and I give $125 to my child’s teachers combined. I would love to know what other people do and whether I should be doing something differently.

  2. Paul

    Our building only does individual tipping – no collective pool. I’ve budgeted about $100-120 dollars total to split across 4 or 5 staff members.

  3. CJ

    Our building pools together money, which makes things much easier in my opinion. A lot of staff do things day in and day out who you may not have much interaction with but are essential to keep the condo running like it should. The suggested amount in my building is a full condo fee but I usually give a bit more as it is split amongst a large number of staff. I also give the board members a really nice non-monetary gift as they put in a ton of their time answering e-mails daily, attending meetings, putting up with typical condo nonsense, etc., and receive absolutely nothing in return.