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  1. yellowliner

    Thanks for your insights. I have mixed feelings. Neighborhoods change, people and populations move. (This neighborhood, in fact, was once home for German immigrants, and traces of that are still evident, if you know to look.) Imposing faux Chinatownification on a neighborhood that is home to so very few Chinese residents and businesses rings false. That said, I do like the idea artwork honoring the history of the neighborhood. So next up, a German piece?

  2. Sarah

    Many of the parents of MVT have responded to requests from the city asking that the art be a “living” art, or something the kids can use to climb on. We haven’t heard back. In fact, the City has said that the “friends of chinatown park” have been working to upgrade the park for over 7 years. The “new” plan was just approved this past month.

  3. Chinatown Park is in desperate need of a redo. Fortunately minimal updates will happen in the spring.

    It would be great to have some art like Sarah mentioned. There are no outdoor play spaces for kids in Downtown DC. Fun public art seems like the best solution. Unfortunately the Lift Off is appealing to my daughter, but you can’t really do anything on it. Atlanta and other cities are focusing on playable art. DC should follow suit.

    The Downtown DC Playground Group has been searching for outdoor play space since February. Chinatown Park also comes up as an obvious place for play, but the lengthy overhaul of the park has caused us to back away. The Fine Arts Commission approved the plan in 2004 and the NPS updates will happen in 2012. We did however encourage people to submit comments to the NPS web site regarding the Chinatown Park plan. The comment deadline just passed as of December 23rd at midnight.