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  1. KP

    This looks fantastic and there looks like they may incorporate some retail as well. I hope this can move forward quickly.

  2. FourthandEye

    They absolutely have to have retail on K Street. It is written into the zoning overlay.

  3. FP

    looks like a great addition to the neighborhood

  4. M Street

    Wow! Love it…very modern, but not just a boring glass block.

  5. CVKRez

    I’m not certain if I see an above-ground parking lot in the first picture but if I do, that is a concern. All parking for the building should be below-ground. Other than that I’m satisfied with the design and I too hope that the project moves along swiftly.

  6. FourthandEye

    @CVKRez – there is no above ground parking in this project.

  7. erin

    This rendering looks like it is in the current NPR space but I thought the AAMC was going in be along ny ave? The first picture portrays what looks to be mass ave to the right of it.

  8. Dub

    The current NPR building is behind it, across K St.

  9. George

    I walk past this site twice a day. I am looking forward to bringing my money to those retail businesses.