3 Responses to “A Possible Second I-395 Air Rights Project”


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  1. That’s, um, special. A little too obvious for my tastes. (“So, it’s a global trade center, see? You can tell because it’s got a globe wrapped around it.”)

    Still, at least there’s interest on that stretch of 395, which I had worried would be left behind as other decking proposals around the city moved forward.

  2. FourthandEye

    Like Octavius I’m encouraged by the interested in decking over this area of I-395. But I’m not necessarily ready to toss my support behind this idea/rendering. Probably better to issue a RFP and see what all interested developers would have to propose.

  3. Thomas Taylor

    Here is the most recent brochure from the developers: http://pgp.us.com/pdf/200_250_mass_brochure.pdf