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  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully the new restaurants will have better service than BB&P. I was handling the bad service pretty well until last night when they couldn't even get our drinks to us until after we had finished our meal despite the fact that we begged for them continually and had ordered them as soon as we had sat down. No apologies, nothing.

  2. Anonymous

    I have had similar experiences while sitting at their tables. However, I love the bar there. I had probably my best dining experience there while sitting at the bar. I’ve sat at their tables every other time and been underwhelmed, but sitting at the bar is great. The bartenders are professional and nice and there is never a drink order problem and orders are accurately done. I will swear to always sit at the bar from now on.

  3. fourthandeye

    I've never had nearly the degree of poor service others have described at BB&P. Maybe a few times the server let our drinks sit empty a little longer than ideal. But certainly never anything like what Anon 14:50 is describing.

    I'd actually categorize the service from my last visit as above average. Perhaps I'm lucky. (Knock on wood)

  4. pqresident

    on the service business point, I always prefer having a dedicated dry cleaning/tailoring storefront as they usually provide other services like hemming, clothes repair, shoe repair, shoe shining and the like which are handy.

    not sure what Bergmann’s offers via the Safeway but I’d think a genuine tailor would have more expertise than the Safeway folks. (not a knock against the CV Safeway which is my “go to” store these days.)

  5. Anonymous

    bergmans is a GREAT dry cleaner, if expensive. I had a good service at BB&P, so perhaps the bad service is not a trend…

    -Future CV resident

  6. Anonymous

    So I’m going to ask a stupid question. Where is the Bergmanns? I’ve seen the sign, I’ve heard all about it, but I’ve never seen the actual place. In other Safeways its always right up front but I’ve never seen it at the CV Safeway.