7 Responses to “Police Activity at Museum Square”


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  1. 401K street…are we sure its not the Occupy DC Movement?

  2. a sword? thats even better! srsly…glad no one was hurt…thanks for the update

  3. anonym

    Did he have an eye patch too?

  4. it's their fault

    I guess it is the GOP’s fault for not passing Obama’s job plan.

  5. kcr211

    How many comment threads have you stopped by today to drop that razor-sharp bit of commentary?

  6. it's their fault

    “razor-sharp” … pun intended? Probably not. Anyways, this is the first comment thread that I’ve contributed to today. I was wondering how long it would take for a government worker and/or pie-in-the-sky liberal to take offense. You clocked in at 22 minutes. Congratulations. Hilarious.

  7. Scott

    pretty much the definition of trolling there