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  1. Anonymous

    Does anyone know whether this air rights project will lead to the closure of the ramp to 395 off of 3rd street? I really hope not because it is so convenient!

  2. fourthandeye

    Long term the ramp is envisioned to stay. It’s possible that at certain points during construction it may be closed – not sure…

  3. Anonymous

    While I think it will be really great to have this project finished, I don’t fully understand the economics of it. It seems like building anything new in the next few years around this area is very risky considering the mostly-empty penzance building, the new condo building next to 395, the empty condo and retail units in CityVista and Madrigal Lofts, and the plans QDC has for the area in an even shorter time-frame and the Arts at 5th and I project. Did the Dreyfus folks ever bring up this issue and how they think their space is going to be filled in this real estate and economic environment?

  4. fourthandeye

    This is a much more involved project than developing an empty parking lot. The time horizon for full buildout is likely 12-15 years. Given that, the current inventory of unsold space you listed IMO would not be a concern for this project.

  5. Douglas A. Willinger

    “Jewish Historical building will need to be relocated.”


    It was relocated during the late 1960s for the sake of WMATA:



  6. Douglas A. Willinger

    “At the moment neither F or G Streets will be fully restored to vehicle traffic from 3rd to 1st Street. The Holy Rosary Church and Georgetown Law each want sections to remain pedestrian only.”

    It is the I-395 access ramps that hinder restoring F and G Street continuity.

    The deck concept is excellent and should go towards demonstrating to the neo version of the people a century or more ago who opposed urban railway subways because of the elevated berm urban railroads.

  7. DCDNA

    The Jewish Historical Society Building was originally on 6th and G Streets and was moved to make room for the Metro building. We learned at the ANC6C meeting that the plan was to relocate it to the West lawn of the Building Museum temporarily and move it back at a future date.

    This lawn is an important community amenity enjoyed by many. I hope this plan is reconsidered so we do not lose the lawn.

  8. fourthandeye

    @DCDNA – Good Point. I think the ANC6C PZ&E committee will push for a different site for the relocation. Perhaps the parking lot side of the NBM.

    What I am unclear on – would the JHS building be a vacant shell during the temporary relocation or would it be connected back into the water and power grids?

  9. Douglas A. Willinger

    Where can one see illustrations of how the I-395 access ramps will be reconfigured?

  10. Anonymous

    I agree with Holy Rosary Church that F and G remain pedestrian use only, as the rectory has become a landmark, and the Jewish Historical society building…also known as Adas Israel Synagogue should be left alone.