7 Responses to “Are you a Regular?”


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  1. Sharon

    Weekend brunch at Busboys

  2. 555Mass

    The bartenders at the Passenger know my name. Great place.

  3. Madison Victorian

    I used to be a regular at Taylor until I saw a mouse there.

  4. the bar at Fiola for their desserts. that usually means coffee (decaf) and Bambolini (delightful donuts).

  5. JM

    @Madison – Gross. But Taylor does run a pretty clean ship in the kitchen. Perhaps this may be a peril of keeping the garage doors open all day. Either way I’d bet if they had a mouse at one point they took care of it.

  6. VAH

    Regular at Mandu! Love their food and happy hour. Great service everytime too :-)

  7. cozmot

    Clyde’s at the bar, Momiji’s, Ruth’s Chris at the bar and Absolute Thai. They know what we want when we enter. (Clyde’s is a small exception; they know what drinks we want, but we mix up the food enough where they have to ask; the others don’t.)