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  1. FourthandEye

    I had dinner at Ray’s^3 tonight. At first I eavesdropped some of Landrum’s plans/philosophies. Doesn’t sound like a “burger only” restaurant is something he’ll ever open again. Later he dropped by to ask me if I was enjoying my blackened sirloin steak which put my foot in the door to ask about City Vista.

    To summarize:
    * Opening a new restaurant always taken around 2 years. Before the internet began reporting every restaurant lease signing the public may not have realized this. But now it’s more visible.
    * Ray’s on K Street will serve burgers and a chicken sandwich at lunch and offer steak for dinner. Conceptually the way he explained it made it sound very much like his plans for Ray’s^3 in Rosslyn. The K Street space will have a mezzanine level like Mandu does.
    * Ryse on 5th Street will be a basic coffee house. Does not aim to be a slick coffee house branding “a lifestyle” like a few competitors he mentioned. It will have WiFi and he’s not against people lingering during the mid day non-rush hours. But don’t expect couches or big comfy chairs and ottomans. It will be basic chairs and tables with seating for 30.

    I didn’t ask about ETAs. They are never accurate anyway so I don’t bother putting small business owners on the spot.

  2. Si Kailian

    will they be baking things at ryse?

  3. MVTer

    Any updates on Vida at City Vista? It would be great to have a 1 minute commute to the gym:)