5 Responses to “DDOT to brief community on K Street Streetscape”


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  1. Any mention of Streetcar tracks? I take it, for $9 million, there’s no way, but here’s hoping.

  2. Steven

    Also, the plans don’t seem to show the Bikeshare station. I assume that would be maintained, though it might have to be re-located temporarily during construction. Does anyone know what’ll happen to that?

  3. Simon

    Oh, the prostitutes will have such a nice street to walk when this is done.

  4. FourthandEye

    I believe this project doesn’t include streetcar tracks. They’ll tear up the asphalt again later for streetcar tracks if needed. Atleast we’ll get our new sidewalks, lamp posts, trees, etc now rather than waiting several more years for the next mayor after Gray to possibly expand streetcar.

    I wouldn’t worry about the Capital Bikeshare. Those stations are solar and don’t require utility hookup – so they can be moved in under and hour. CaBi will get taken care of.

  5. Christel

    Why do the bicycle lanes only run for half a block?