5 Responses to “Bozzuto to move forward on 460 NY Ave”


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  1. Anon

    If I was a buyer, the homeless population in the park would be an issue. The park when reopened was briefly a place for neighbors to relax and hang out. One solution to encourage more use by residents in the whole neighborhood would have been to install benches with three arms (an arm in the middle). With those benches and other measures the park in front of Faragut North metro station became something that everyone could enjoy, not just the homeless population.

  2. Anonymous

    It is my belief that the homeless population will have to find another place to occupy once more taxpaying residents populate the neighborhood, especially that corner. The homeless will surely move locations once this new building gets built and the front entrance faces the park. It is sad that a majority of dc parks are built and then taken over by the homeless, a great example is the grassy area at 5th and Mass.

  3. M Street

    This is great news – that building is hideous, and this will be a huge improvement for that corner. I actually didn’t realize the windows were bricked up — I thought that it was just some sort of storage warehouse without windows. Duh.

    I think that little park has way fewer homeless people than other parks in the area, since the green area is fenced in. People sitting on benches aren’t nearly as obtrusive as people sprawled out on the grass. I don’t think it will be a big issue for potential buyers…it wouldn’t be for me.

  4. Sarah

    It’s DC, if you put empty benches and large green space – the homeless will find it. Why not try to use our parks for something besides homeless handouts and overpriced art.

  5. Adrian

    I leave CVista early in the morning – I see so many homeless and prostitutes on the streets- so sad