4 Responses to “DDOT response to NY Ave pedestrian safety requests”


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  1. KK

    Its all along New York Ave really; you can hardly get across at

    NY Ave & Tunnel.
    NY Ave & NJ Ave/3rd street
    NY Ave & 1st street NW
    NY Ave & North Capitol
    NY Ave & 1st street NE

    Even though most of they all have traffic lights it is still a danger to try and cross them especially at North Capitol & 1st street NW traffic almost never stops for pedestrians even if you have the right of way; its like theres a mentality of your gonna wait for us to go even though you were here first with the car drivers and you have to basically act like frogger to get across the street

  2. mattyschell

    If they start off with big, scienceriffic words like “standardized actuated signal” we clearly have no choice but to trust the irrefutable science that comes after.

    “If the signal is changed, even in a small increment, the total cycle of signal length of the entire intersection will be altered and the allowable green time for traffic will be reduced.”


  3. Anonymous

    Anybody know what the heck was causing that LOUD rumble at around 9 p.m. tonight? It was constant, sounded like a freight train for many minutes solid, and then, at about 9:05, it just… stopped. (I live in City Vista.)

  4. Anonymous

    Did they address the issue of attempting to make a right turn off of L onto 5th St and trying to make it fully across NY Ave before the light turns?