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  1. Chris555Mass

    OMG that’s freakin’ hilarious that they named it Fun Fair after the porno video place (that was allegedly also dealing drugs) on 5TH Street – and that our community got shut down.

  2. Si Kailian

    tee hee, the name is brilliant. ah, memories…http://lifein.mvsna.org/index.cfm/2007/9/17/Fun-Fair-Protest

  3. Stage lineup looks good:
    12:00-12:45 DJ NOFM
    1:00-1:30 “Jali-D” (kids rap)
    1:45-2:00 World’s Slowest Bike Race – BicycleSpace
    2:00-2:45 V.I.P. Gospel Band
    3:00-3:45 Honey House (rock/jazz)
    4:00-5:00 DJ John Thompson

  4. MVTgurl

    I hope people see this:


    It’s disgraceful. This is how our so-called community improvement association, that we pay dues to, decides to spend their happy hour.

  5. FourthandEye

    Don’t confuse the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVTCID) with the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association (MVSNA). Our bid tax goes to the MVTCID to market and keep the Mount Vernon Triangle safe and clean. The MVTCID has nothing to do with the MVSNA which is the organization having the happy hour at the strip club.

  6. Si Kailian

    Correct. Also MVSNA is not spending any money on the happy hour, neighbors should bring their own singles.