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  1. Bruce

    There is now a sign in the window of the City Vista Chipotle saying that, if everything goes as planned, they should open in a few weeks. I think the sign said October 25, but I wouldn’t swear to that.

  2. I saw that ;-) I guess they were being WAY optimistic when they first gave me an opening date!

  3. Peter

    Does anyone know if a 7 11 is opening near City Vista? On there website it says they are opening in an open retail spave in City Vista…would love it

  4. George CV

    I work for the DC government and I was told by a friend in the zoning office that 7 11 Corporation was granted a license and plan on opening next year on K street in CV Block

  5. Adrian

    The staff of CV at the front desk confirmed it

  6. CVdude

    There are no open bays left in city vista.

  7. OK, so they’re only 6 weeks left… Chipotle now hoping for a Oct. 25th opening.

  8. and by left I meant late ;-)

  9. Dub

    Where would the 7-11 go?